8" Touchscreen Satellite Navigation with European Mapping & Traffic Messaging Channel

Coupled with the 8-speaker JBL Infinity sound system, this feature provides the best in navigation, sound and connectivity. It includes a traffic messaging channel with handy detour function and full UK postcode recognition, motorway junction views, lane guidance, speed limit display and multi-route planning enabling the driver to select from the fastest, shortest or more economical route ('3' and 'Sport').

Blind Spot Detection (BSD - 'Sport')

State-of-the-art sensors monitor your side and rear to keep you aware of vehicles entering into your blind spots. You’ll receive visual alerts on Soul’s outside mirrors and, if necessary, you’ll hear an audio alert.

Because your safety is our top priority

Like all Kia’s new-generation passenger vehicles, the new Soul is well equipped with a host of active and passive safety technologies to provide the best protection in all driving situations.

Start/Stop button with Smart Keyless Entry System ('3' and 'Sport')

The engine stars with one touch of the start/stop button which adds a sporty feel to the cabin.