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7 Year Warranty

Kia believes everyone deserves a longer warranty, no matter which car you choose. That’s why we’re the only car manufacturer to offer a 7 year manufacturers warranty across our entire range.We’ve invested heavily in our production facilities and manufacturing techniques, so we have confidence and peace of mind to pass on to you, the Kia owner. The catch? There isn’t one.

At Kia, we don’t just sell cars that look nice. We want our customers to enjoy them for years to come. We use the latest engineering and technical know-how to design and build Kia cars – andwe think you’ll appreciate this every time you get behind the wheel. In fact, we’re so proud of how we put our cars together that we offer one of the most comprehensive warrantiesaround.

The 7- year warranty applies to Kia cars bought from an authorised Kia dealer, and it is registered and normally used in the UK.